April 22, 2021

Wild, For That Which Is Before Our Eyes

Law enforcement across the country is completely demoralized. Officers are leaving in droves and departments can’t replace them fast enough leaving them short-handed and stretched thin. Crime, especially violent crime, is up in the cities where they are leaving the fastest. At this rate, activists who want to see law enforcement neutered and defunded may get their wish sooner than later.

This exodus won’t end soon, and the results will be devastating. As this continues to develop, you might ask yourself, are you ready and able to live a little wild? Since the Civil War, our wars have been fought on foreign shores, our depressions short lived, and our riots relatively tame. But what is coming will be worse than anything we’ve seen on our home shores in sometime, and you might ask yourself, are you prepared?

I thought about this today as I spoke to law enforcement officers about suicide prevention, and after reading a post, accurate let me say, that said my family was a little wild. In a good way! We are wild and we are ready, are you?

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