August 18, 2021

When The Truth Is Crazy

The situation in Afghanistan shows the truth of the leaders and pundits so many people have blindly put their faith in. Before we evacuate US citizens and friends who have helped us, we close the airbase best situated to evacuate them and then pull out our military. The best minds came up with this!

As I mentioned on my last podcast, politicians DO NOT write the bills that impact our lives, lobbyists and staff members do it. Do you think one member of congress has read and understands the full text of a 1.2 trillion bill, or a 3.5 trillion bill?

PhDs and health care workers have some of the highest rates of questioning our public health response to COVID, yet if you and I ask the same questions, we are crazy, listen to the experts they say!

We live in a compartmentalized world where those in control of data can control its release and create the narrative understanding of it. This leads to decisions made by political views, and results like Afghanistan, or a country brought to its knees by a public health crisis as our cities burn and we become more and more divided.

Be relentless in your search for the truth. Ask questions. Request data. Beware of anyone who doesn’t like answering questions, beware of anyone who argues ad-hominem.

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