May 6, 2021

When People Don’t Want To Work

Lately, there have been many articles written about a workforce that doesn’t want to work. Especially, small local businesses can’t find labor. Our local newspaper did a long feature on all the local business limiting their hours because they couldn’t find workers.

One reason, the incredible unemployment benefits offered to people, encouraging them to stay home. Another reason, in a culture where the employer gets portrayed as the enemy, people feel entitled. When government then provides them all they need to live, and technology provides cheap escapist fantasies, you have created an environment that easily allows people to enter a sort of Matrix.

To fix this will take tough love. But do we have it in us as a country? We are so PC, the President in his National Day of Prayer message today didn’t use the word God. No doubt, he didn’t want to offend. It’s the opposite of tough. We are at risk.

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