July 8, 2021

When Coming Home Is Hard

First Responders looking for life in the rubble of the Surfside collapse were told they could go home as the effort would now be focused on recovery. There would be no more survivors.

But the first responders didn’t listen, and they kept looking.

A member of Israel’s search team told families: "I ask you all to look into my eyes, and I promise you we did everything. No effort was saved."

Coming home for all these workers will be hard, for a long time.

And while different, coming home can be hard for you and me too. Leaving our worldly endeavors and crossing the threshold into home should be a liminal endeavor. We should refocus and commit ourselves to those precious lives that inhabit the dwelling.

Coming home can be hard. Make sure when you cross that threshold you take a second to reset and focus, the things that matter are counting on you.

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