September 29, 2020

What Will Be On Your Runestone?

What a great day in Alexandria, Minnesota. Vikings and Community!

The Kensington runestone was found in 1898, and while most scholars thinks it’s a hoax, it tells the tale of Viking Adventurers around the late 1300s who made it to what is now Minnesota before most of their party was massacred. The survivors allegedly created this runestone as evidence of their journey.

Quite a story, and a great event today in Alexandria. This was a community affair, and as I shared that a proper response to caring for first responders required a community plan, I realized that as our society seems to disintegrate, we all need to do the same thing. We need to gather with our family and friends and plan. If we don't, we are likely to end up isolated and lost like the Kensington Vikings.

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