October 23, 2020

What Is Wrong With Modern Counseling?

I heard from someone I’m very close to about a counseling appointment they just had. Thirty minutes of spilling their guts, then “Well, your time is up. That must have been very therapeutic getting that out, see ya’ next week." They walked out and were alone with little direction or answers. It devastated them.

The questions they had were existential, spiritual, and deeper than the symptoms they were exhibiting. Modern counselors are primarily taught to treat the symptoms. Their 30-minute life assessment is not a life assessment. It's a check in the box. Now, there are some who dig deeper, but they are few and far between. These special ones are worth finding, but they can be hard to find. 

Depression up. Suicide up. Psych meds up. The evidence shows I’m right. Modern mental health has a problem.

Today on the Pilgrim's Odyssey we discuss why, what to do about, and advice for those seeking help.

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