July 29, 2021

What America Do You Want?

Swimming next to Lake Dixie Springs yesterday with my nine - year old, he asked me what I thought heaven was like. I told him I wasn't sure, and whatever I thought it should be like, someone else might have a different idea.

But isn’t that life? We think many things obvious to us should be obvious to others, but often, we are only looking for a reflection of the image we want.

Our forefathers intended to found a country where we had the freedom to determine that for ourselves. As we’ve been talking about bureaucracies this week, it is clear the danger they present, they want their vision to become ours. The same could be said for social media companies. Their owners foster group-think and that group-think becomes the standard.

To get the America you want, you must take control of the life you want. Make your day, from rising to settling for bed, a reflection of your vision. Mine – family, faith, and freedom. Most of the founders would have agreed. It is on that framework, I believe, we give people the largest framework to venture out and discover the best of themselves.

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