August 11, 2020

The MGM Grand is Not So Grand

“Spiritual forces of evil”

I thought about this today in my leadership class here in Las Vegas. One officer shared a story on the public acceptance of human trafficking. She was invited to a party at a high-end club in the MGM grand. A wild rave with beautiful people and lots of money. She stood in the back, uncomfortable, only there to support a friends wedding party. A back door opened and a bouncer pushed her out of the way. In filed a long line of prostitutes. Beautiful prostitutes, young and exotic. They were headed upstairs to the VIP room. A den of iniquity for the high-rollers and famous.

These girls start young. Usually trafficked, they are treated like slaves until they know no other way. Many come from overseas. It is the selling of flesh. And it’s normal. It’s all around us.

Evil is real and it masquerades as light. This in the danger of exploring other dimensions without the armor of prayer. The light you see might just be the evil that will consume your soul, and the drugs you take to enter that realm hide the reality of what you are experiencing.

Yes, evil is real. Your prayer and humility must be equally real and deep.

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