August 20, 2020

Taking For Granted The Power of Love and Helping Others

I’ve spent a lot of time chasing the wrong things, in spite of the fact all I needed was right in front of me. Love, and the meaning you find when helping others.

When you are in a deep relationship with someone, the vapidness of worldly things are clear. When you help others, you realize the satisfaction of work that builds up and leaves a legacy.

Love is a powerful force if you will allow it to be. I was reminded of this on my weekend away with my wife. Together with nothing to focus on but each other, I realized how many things I worried about that were meaningless, and how much I took our love for granted. I doubt I’m alone.

When love doesn’t fill our hole, nothing else will and we just chase our tails and spend money on perishable things that fade away and leave us hungrier than when we began.

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