May 5, 2021

Standing Up For Rolling Thuder

As reported yesterday, Rolling to Remember, formerly known as Rolling Thunder has been shut down:

“You may remember the veteran biker group known as Rolling Thunder. They have since changed their name to Rolling to Remember.

They were planning to ride into Washington, DC on Memorial Day and end their ride at the Pentagon, as they have done for years.

The Biden administration denied event permits for the Rolling to Remember motorcycle ride held every year for the past 30 years in Washington, D.C., prompting outrage in Congress.

The charity event, formerly known as Rolling Thunder, is a Memorial Day hallmark in the city, bringing scores of veterans and others to the area to commemorate war veterans, including prisoners of war and those missing in action.

The Pentagon approved the permit in March and then rescinded the decision this week without any explanation, according to Issa and Rep. Ken Calvert (R., Calif.), who also criticized the Biden administration’s decision.”

This decision is hurtful to me because I love veterans and I love motorcycles. Motorcycles represent freedom, the open road, charting a course to somewhere over the horizon. Shutting it down is fear at best, partisan politics at worse. Either reason is a slap in the face to veterans who were willing to die for us.

If I were them, I’d ride anyway. Shut down the streets, fly your flags, gun your engines. Live free or die!

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