July 20, 2020

Six Feet of Separation

The 3-foot (WHO) and 6-foot (CDC) rule came from studies done in the 30s, and by the way, that is the safe zone if you aren’t wearing masks and people cover up theirs noses and mouth with an elbow when they sneeze. With masks, who knows how small it goes. Or do they know?

The six - feet that separates us is making people angry and scared. What happens when people getting paid to stay home stop getting paid? What happens when enhanced unemployment benefits stop on August 1st. What happens when the government can’t keep printing money because inflation has kicked in? What happens when with or without masks the virus still spreads, and yet people keep dying at a very low rate. About 99.97% of people who get it eventually are fine by any numbers you look it. How will attitudes on both sides change?

Whatever your side, whatever your belief, a fight for personal freedom is coming. You might have been pro-british back in the day, many colonists were, but you couldn’t deny that a reckoning was coming. We are about to revisit history.

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