July 3, 2020

Rude People, and Beginning to Pray

As we continue into the unknown, people are getting more afraid, more distrustful, and in many cases, just plain rude.

I was just in Kroger's and paranoia has reached epic proportions. People looking at you like are a threat, someone cutting in front of you has committed assault, a person without a mask is a murderer. You can see it in people's eyes. What are we living for?

What do you about it? Well, it doesn't start with anger and outrage. It begins with us, with you. And the best way to start, prayer. Prayer can be become a powerless routine, a check in the box. Before dinner, before bed, we say a short prayer and move on. But real prayer is deeper, real prayer sustains and clarifies. Real prayer taps into things that are eternal.

We being our study on prayer with a great book, Anthony Bloom's, Beginning to Pray.

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