January 14, 2021

Resetting Your Soul: A Fast From Technology & The Rat Race

It is "fast" crazy in my house. From my college daughter to my wife, fasting to cure and reset all sorts of things seems to be the rage. Although, I must say, the grilled veggies and avocado my wife made for herself last night looked pretty good!

It got me thinking about a fast from the madness that is all around us. My wife asked me this morning about a 72-hour, strict, water only fast to clean us out and reset.

Driving to work, I thought, why not a 72-hour technology and rat-race fast to cleanse our soul.

Some steps I thought necessary for that:

Tell everyone you’ll be on vacation.

Have your kitchen and supplies fully-stocked for 3-days.

Have a flip phone people can text for real emergencies.

Start on a Friday morning, end on a Monday morning.

No smart phones, internet, e-mail, TV, etc.

No visits to the store.

Only human interaction, prayer, and the outdoors.


I’m going to try this with my family, I’ll let you know how it goes! Maybe try it yourself and share the results with me!

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