July 12, 2021

North To Alaska

Today is a traveling day as I head north to Alaska to speak. A beautiful and majestic land, it truly is the call of the wild and hearkens to freedom and possibility - at a risk of course. It is a brutal land where many big dreams have been crushed.

I overheard a conversation today on my first flight that is the opposite of that spirit. A young girl doing her best to live risk-free.

Go north young lady!

Our information age tries to fool people into thinking that if you are equipped with enough data you can live life with some sort of certainty. You can’t of course, and this inevitable insecurity leads to some very fragile people. But if you survive a journey into the wild, not only do you understand this, but you begin to thrive on the cold, hard reality of life and existence. Play it safe, you might just get paranoid. Head into the wild, you learn how to live and allow uncertainty to fuel your life.

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