July 14, 2020

Managing The Time to Pray - Beginning to Pray series

Modern life is always about going somewhere, what is next, where do I have to be? That is a horrible mindset for prayer. We must learn to let prayer establish itself in the present. It is not necessarily where we are going, it is where we are right now. It’s like a walk on a beach while on vacation. We aren't as worried about where we are going, as we are focused on the walk itself. We are in the present moment. That is where we want our prayer to be.

In a way, mastering time is mastering prayer. If we can center our day around even 5 minutes of prayer, all the rest falls into order. Temporal and worldly things become less stressful and less overwhelming.

You see, prayer isn’t really about us knocking. It’s about our Lord who is knocking on our door all the time and we just don’t listen. We don’t make time, and we don’t create the space for real prayer in our lives.


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