October 15, 2020

Making Sense of Loss

Tragic, inexplicable, senseless loss can completely shake up our lives. “This isn’t supposed to happen.”

This weekend we have our Indiana STARR event for the families of those who lost their lives serving our country. One hard part of deaths like these, they are out of the order of things. Our children, our young spouses, brothers and sisters aren't supposed to die like this.

You also see it in first responders - young, healthy, brave, and then they suddenly and tragically die.

It upends us. If we don’t right ourselves after this happens it can send us in a spiral we can't recover from.

Some things to remember:

When we suffer, God is close. Embrace that. Our pain can allow us to come to God.

Own your faith. It is really is simple, it’s a CS Lewis thing. If Christ rose again, there is hope. Focus on that image.

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