August 25, 2020

Maine Coffee and The Power of Purpose

What a great day in Maine. I spent the morning with veterans from around the area, then drove up the coast to find a coffee shop to catch up on some work.

It is such a blessing to see veterans from past years return and hear their stories. People who have been broken and survived to overcome their trials and traumas have so much to give to others.

Isolation is deadly, relationships are healing.

You can see the impact of isolation here in Maine. Covid restrictions left the Portland airport looking like a ghost town. When I walked into the rental car area I was the only person in the entire facility. Last summer it was full. My flight had 21 people on board.

Driving around Maine at what is usually high tourist season, the roads were sparse, and everywhere I looked restaurants were empty except the bigger, more well-known ones. When I arrived I visited a coffee shop where I’d stopped last year. I was the only customer.

With so many people living alone, or far from their families, what is going on out of public eye. How much loneliness is growing into other things.

Today, we talk about the impact of this loneliness and what you can do about it.

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