July 30, 2020

Learning to Lose Control And Overcome Fear

Fear and Anger are by-products of losing control. If you believe you should be able to control all the factors that influence your life, you will live in a constant state of fear, and even anger.

If you understand that your focus should be on what you can control, your own decisions, you begin to live in a healthier mental state.

We have a generation of people being taught you can control the uncontrollable: others thoughts, weather, speech, viruses, etc. That is impossible. But if you believe it is, well, you get what we are seeing, fear and anger.

It’s why Grace, the Amazing kind we talked about yesterday is so powerful. It requires surrender, an acknowledgement of just how much is out of our hands. Yet, it does require one thing, a decision. That human act we have power over in any circumstance.

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