December 23, 2020

Into The Wilderness

I just saw a trailer for a new Tom Hanks movie, News of the World. It looks awesome. He plays a retired soldier after the Civil War traveling the west who is paid to tell dramatic retellings of the news and current events. Along the way, he meets a young girl who was captured and raised by Indians and after being rescued, is on her way home to family when her party is attacked and she is found by Hanks character, Capt. Jefferson Kyle Kidd.

Some unsavory characters don’t want that to happen, and adventure ensues.

It got me thinking what is wild? And what is civilized?

I have a copy of my picture of my grandma playing in the dirt during the depression. Was she wild? Was she civilized? Her writing was exquisite and her ability to care for her home and family during all times unmatched.

Who did God pick to announce the coming of Christ’s ministry, a wild one, John the Baptist.

God calls us from the wilderness. In the wilderness, we find God.

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