August 24, 2020

Healing At Camp Oceanwood, Maine

I'm at the Oceanwood Camp and Conference Center, in Ocean Park, Maine, leading a PTSD Retreat with Project New Hope from Wooster, MA.

It is a time of healing and rejuvenation. Project New Hope is a premier example of what it means to care for veterans, or anyone else. You are proactive and long-term. I like to think of it as helping them “come home.”

What is “home”. I like to look at it in the following way:

1) A foundation of meaning and purpose.

2) Focused rooms and a structure of just what we need – no more/no less.

3) A roof of humility.

That is what we all need, and that is what we’ll be working on this week, and talking about all week on The Pilgrim's Odyssey podcast.

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