January 6, 2021

Have A Dish of Liberty, Family, & Faith

Wow in Georgia! Hundreds of thousands descend on DC!

But we aren’t gonna talk about that today. Today, we are gonna talk about having a dish and creating a to-do list of liberty, family, and faith.

Ate in a great restaurant after my class today, The Dish. Alone. Yep, sat there for an hour and not one other customer walked in.

It was an incredible experience. Its specialty is a tasting menu of small plates that offers a variety of tastes. I was there during happy hour, each plate was just $3. Calamari, Shrimp, fish tacos, dumplings, pork salad. Yet, I was alone.

The Dish has been open 14 years, founded by a Manhattan Chef who fell in love with a Lynchburg girl. My waitress was extravagantly tattooed and another transplant along with her tattoo artist husband.

The owner said the only reason he was still in business was that he owned the building. He laughed when I asked if he would have stayed open if he rented.

Restaurants aren’t the only business suffering, but they may be the hardest hit. I bet one near you has its own interesting story built on a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. Don’t let government idiots riding their chariots destroy it. Spend your money with them.

Yesterday, we talked a bit about the foundation of our country and the foundations of our faith. What purpose should we follow from these foundation? How should that impact our family, our work, our hobbies?

Modern life is too complicated. We run around doing a lot, often feeling like we have accomplished nothing. One good thing about Covid is that it has given us time to reflect on core values and how we’ve lived our life.

Benjamin Franklin asked himself the same questions as a young man and the answers altered how he approached each day. He began to start each day with a question: What good shall I do this day?

He then ended each day with the question: What good have I done this day?

What will you order your day around? What is your to-do list? What will be your foundations.

I choose liberty, family, and faith. What will you choose?

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