October 8, 2020

Getting Bad Thoughts Out of Your Head

Experiencing trauma and severe loss can make us feel like we are trapped in our heads. Depression and anxiety can consume us.

I regularly meet people feeling overwhelmed by trauma and looking for a way to escape and find hope. I usually tell them the following:

  • It is normal. You are not crazy.
  • Do not isolate yourself.
  • Get lost outdoors or with other people. Avoid the dark hole of the internet, drinking alone, etc.
  • This day will pass, but the memories will stay. That is normal. Just like you diet to lose weight or go to the gym to get stronger, create habits that when the demons come, you work them out. Have your go-to pastor or counselor.
  • Help others. The best way to remember you are not alone and use the demons as fuel for something positive is to help others. The only necessary skill is desire and the patience to listen.

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