January 4, 2021

Foundations: Thoughts On A Big Week Ahead

This is a big week! Senatorial elections in Georgia that will decide the majority in the Senate, and whether there will be full Democratic control or split control with Republicans.

There is the pending certification of the election by the House and Senate and the stated objections by some republicans.

There is the Trump rally in Georgia.

This might be a good week to spend some time reviewing your fundamentals of belief. Read over the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Remind yourself of the words that proclaimed our freedom.

Read your bible, especially Genesis and the Gospels. Remind yourself why God created us, where we went wrong, and why you need Christ.

That is what I’ll be talking about the rest of this week, who we are and what we were called to be, as a people and as a country.

To weather the storm coming in 2021, you’ll need a firm foundation to stand upon. You do not want to become the problem, one of deceit and exaggeration. You want to be part of the solution of truth - freedom, liberty, and the conviction to live free.

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