October 16, 2020

Finding Your Place In The World

I mentioned in a podcast earlier this week that I believe the Bible describes the human condition better than anything. It is real to me because it knows me.

Sadly, we have raised a couple generations of children unfamiliar with church, with no clue “why” you should believe, the benefit of belief, etc.

I still think that half-a-century since his passing, the best apologist of how to reach them, and to understand the role of faith in our own lives, is CS Lewis.

You were made for something greater than just earth.

You discover yourself when you give up yourself.

Try to be good, and you will understand quickly why you need God, why you need what you were created for.

Now, as you walk around this weekend, remember this world was created for you. Christ died for you. Find your place in it by following the one who created you.

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