May 7, 2021

Finding Peace In A Time Of Crisis

We are all vulnerable to a world in a turmoil, and a desire to judge and blame others. How do we understand and practice our faith in times crisis?

The great Dietrich Bonhoeffer, martyred by the Nazi’s, has some answers for us:

“In a world where success is the measure and justification of all things the figure of Him who was sentenced and crucified remains a stranger and is at best the object of pity…The figure of the Crucified invalidates all thought that takes success for its standard.

Christianity preaches the infinite worth of that which is seemingly worthless and the infinite worthlessness of that which is seemingly so valued.

The first service one owes to others in a community involves listening to them. Just as our love of God begins with listening to God’s Word, the beginning of love for others is learning to listen to them. God’s love for us is shown by the fact that God not only gives God’s Word but also lends us God’s ear…We do God’s work for our brothers and sisters when we learn to listen to them.”

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