January 8, 2021

Finding Hope For The Future

So what is next? Prepare yourself, your family, and your close friends to support and look out for each other.

There is no universal source of news and facts close to a majority of people trust. There are lies and mistruths on both sides, and all the big media players are controlled by a few people with money.

The majority of politicians on both sides are more about personal gain and power.

It is a city vs. small-town-rural thing. This means on-going and greater chaos, but few “safe” places.

So what is next? Bigger government, more rules, more chaos, more restrictions, small businesses and restaurants dead, and the only solution the new government will probably have is more of the same.

Where is the hope? The hope is in faith, your family, and your community.  Build those up now, more than ever. Your only other option is despair.

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