January 5, 2021

Empty Restaurants and Golden Calves

We came to you yesterday from the Charlotte airport, today, it’s beautiful Lynchburg, Virginia.

Traveling outside your own community, you truly see the devastation of the last 9 months of Covid.

Lynchburg has a population of about 82,000. It is home to Liberty University which has about 15,000 students, and a couple thousand more faculty and staff. They are all at home for the rest of the semester. Lynchburg seems dead. My hotel has maybe five cars in the lot. The last time I was here it was full. The first restaurant I went to has been closed since December 31st because a staffer tested positive for Covid. At my next choice, I was one of 4 people eating at 5:30. I didn't see any take-outs.

No wonder something like 70% of people want $2,000 checks from the government. But what happens when more and more restaurants collapse and they want bailouts, and then commercial real estate collapses and they want bail-outs, etc? The “help” will come from those who destroyed us and more will be taken from us in order to give us pennies.

Yesterday, I talked about foundations.


In trying to control nature, we are chasing something unattainable and allowing ourselves to become enslaved to public policy, drifting further away from these foundational words.

We want a Golden Calf to save us because we don’t believe in God, we believe in ourselves. And what happens when you do that?

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