July 28, 2020

Doc Brown and True Faith

So, you think you have faith do you?

Doc Brown, our chiropractor is still going strong in his mid-90s. He was only 19 when he began his service in World War II. Working in a factory while he waited on his orders, he asked a friend, know any good looking girls who work up front?

His friend said sure and took him up front where he saw the one, Elva. He knew what their future held. On the spot, he walked up to her, put out his hand, and said,

“My name is Jim Brown, and I’m going to get to know you.”

"I guess you will." She replied.

Recently, my wife was seeing Doc Brown and his departed wife came up. Dr. Brown speaks eloquently about faith in God, and how God can do anything. My wife wanted to know how he had dealt with his wife’s death from cancer many years earlier. Especially considering he believed Doctor’s had made mistakes and she had died much too young. Why didn’t God do something?

Doc Brown was direct. "I was mad. I told God, 'you did me wrong. I’m not going to tell anyone about you anymore.'"

Then he said he heard a clear voice speak to him, “I let her die to test your faith.”

So, how deep is your faith?

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