September 23, 2020

A House of Prayer or A Den of Thieves

Social Media exists to do one thing, make money. To do that, you are the product. You are the commodity needed for their growth. And our children.

The example we set can lead to destruction. or prayer. We have allowed media to encircle us and enter our homes because we did not recognize what was happening and do something soon enough. But there is another way.

I came home the other day and my nine-year old Gabriel was running from the woods with a stick. He was excited, he had just seen three deer in the woods. He’d been on patrol, as he put it.

He has no electrical device of his own. His screen time M-F is probably zero. We let me him watch documentaries and a movie on the weekend, supervised. The kid is Beskar steel, energy, excitement, constantly talking about the adventures he has ahead of him.

What are many of his 9-year old peers doing? Staring at screens, getting soft, being raised by someone other than their parents.

It’s hard, but it can be done. That boy starts every day standing in prayer with his brothers and sisters. Day after day, year after year, it makes a difference.

Will your home be a house of prayer, or a den of thieves?

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