October 5, 2020

A Displacement Is Happening

Displacement: the moving of something from its place or position

Target is setting records. Amazon expects Prime Day to be possibly 40% higher than last year. Yet, on our main streets and strip malls, a Yelp survey says that 60% of small businesses that were closed by State lock-downs during Covid will never fully re-open.

I’ve also seen it in churches. Some are still closed, and many of those that are open follow tight restrictions. In my own Church although we are blessed to have few restrictions, 30% or more of those who attended regularly pre-covid haven’t returned.

It also seems that a generation of fear and participation trophy culture has been unleashed. Children raised to blame others have now been emboldened and our culture has become even more divisive and divided.

I’m here in Columbus, Ohio where I’ll be speaking to law enforcement from around the area. I am staying in a Drury Inn, home of the famous Kickback evening buffet. While not a buffet, they are still serving and even though there was plenty of room for people to sit and eat and tables were designated for such, I’d say 90% just took a box back to their rooms to eat alone. Pre-covid, over 90% would have stayed and met a stranger or two.

If you see the same things, and feel the same way, you are not alone. Another major shift will occur after the election in some direction. Pressure is building and that will be a tipping point. Hold tight to your friends, your family, those who are living their faith with you. Many generations have had an apocalypse, a last days. These are some of ours.

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