October 14, 2020

A Birthday Reflection On Youth

When I was a boy I thought I could change the world. Thankfully, I still do.

What has allowed me to keep that hopefulness? Living and loving deeply, trying to make each day an adventure, seizing opportunities, and most importantly, never giving up.

What I have learned in doing that?

  • Don't quit. If it’s that important, don’t give up.
  • Kids are energy, and kids are a reflection of us. Keep yours smiling.
  • Sometimes the best workout is the short, painful one. Keep moving!
  • It takes about 15 - 20 years with someone to really understand true love. Hang in there.
  • The bible is true because nothing describes the human condition better. From Old Testament barbarism to New Testament grace. That is who we are and we aspire to be. What others see as mistakes or gotcha’s, I just see as perfect descriptions of the imperfect perfectness of creation.

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