November 24, 2021

Getting Real

This is life.


You are born into a family. One of differing degrees of function.

You grow up and are educated in some way.

You develop interests and hobbies.

You have triumphs, tragedies, and plenty of muddling. Hopefully more triumphs.

You work, you raise a family or you don’t.

You get old.

You die.


That is it.

So why not get real? Why focus on distractions? 

Our culture has become one of fantasy and when you get real, this culture gets threatened. Reality is dangerous.

November 11, 2021

12 Strong

Real heroes are all around us. Some of you might have seen the Chris Hemsworth movie, 12 Strong, about the Army Special Forces sent to Afghanistan after 9/11, the first in who worked with the Northern Alliance to overthrow the Taliban, from horseback!

This week in Texas I was honored to have one of the 12 in a class I was teaching and it reminded me of the heroes all around us. Remember them all, especially on this Veterans Day.

November 5, 2021

In The Sun, I Feel As One

Recently, I went on a short journey, a sort of pilgrimage to the childhood home of Kurt Cobain in Aberdeen, Washington. Thankfully, it was all I expected.

November 3, 2021

A Journey Into The Cascades

I’ve been on the road, reflecting. The times are a changing. Who will be our Bob Dylan? Where are we going? I’m no great musician, but I have some thoughts. And I have some stories.

I was north of Seattle, at the Tulalip Casino speaking to a group of fire commissioners. I took a road into the Cascades, the Alps of America! It was an amazing drive along highway 20 through green valleys and soaring mountains.

On the way back, I stopped in Rockport, a small community of 109 and home to the Bald Eagle Interpretive Center and a great hole in the wall pub, the Rockport Bar and Grill. A good time ensued.

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